Honour List

For this biennial list, National Sections of IBBY are invited to nominate outstanding recent books that are characteristic of their country and recommended for publication in different languages. One book can be nominated for each of the three categories: writing, illustration and translation. In 2016, for the first time IBBY Australia nominated a translator—John Nieuwenhuizen for Nine Open Arms

Over the years many Australian children’s authors and illustrators have been included in the Honour List:

PDF version of the list for download and the annotated list (PDF)

1962 Writer: Nan ChauncyTangara
1970 Writer: Patricia WrightsonI Own the Racecourse
1972 Writer: Colin ThieleBlue Fin
1974 Writer: Ivan SouthallJosh.

Illustrator: Ted GreenwoodJoseph and Lulu and the Prindiville House Pigeons.

1976 Writer: Patricia WrightsonThe Nargun and the Stars.

Illustrator: Kilmeny & Deborah NilandMulga Bill’s Bicycle

1978 Writer: Eleanor SpenceThe October Child

Illustrator: Robert IngpenThe Runaway Punt

1980 Writer: Lilith NormanA Dream of Seas.

Illustrator: Percy Trezise and Dick RoughseyThe Quinkins

1982 Writer: Ruth ParkPlaying Beattie Bow

Illustrator: Heather PhilpottThe Rainforest Children

1984 Writer: Joan PhipsonThe Watcher in the Garden

Illustrator: Pamela AllenWho Sank the Boat

1986 Writer: Nadia WheatleyDancing in the Anzac Deli.

Illustrator: Julie VivasPossum Magic text by Mem Fox.

1988 Writer: Alan BaillieRiverman

Illustrator: Bob GrahamFirst there was Frances

1990 Writer: Nadia Wheatley  – My Place

Illustrator: Jeannie BakerWhere the Forest meets the Sea

1992 Writer: Libby Gleeson  – Dodger

Illustrator: Rodney McRaeAesop’s Fables

1994 Writer: Gary DisherBamboo Flute

Illustrator: Patricia TorresDo Not Go Around the Edges text by Daisy Utemorrah

1996 Writer: Emily RoddaRowan of Rin.

Illustrator: Peter GouldthorpeFirst Light, text by Gary Crew

1998 Writer: Peter CareyThe Big Bazoohley.

Illustrator: John WinchThe Old Woman Who Loved to Read

2000 Writer: Margaret WildFirst Day.

Illustrator: Graeme BaseThe Worst Band in the Universe

2002 Writer: David MetzenthenStony Heart Country

Illustrator: Ron BrooksFox, text by Margaret Wild

2004 Writer: Simon FrenchWhere in the World?

Illustrator: Andrew McLeanA Year on Our Farm, text by Penny Matthews

2006 Writer: Sonya HartnettThe Silver Donkey.

Illustrator: Jan OrmerodLizzie Nonsense

2010 Writer: Sonya HartnettThe Ghost’s Child.

Illustrator: Shaun TanThe Arrival

2012 Illustrator: Gregory RogersHero of Little Street

Writer: Glenda MillardA small free kiss in the dark

2014 Illustrator: Patricia MullinsLightning Jack, text by Glenda Millard
Writer: Ursula DubosarskyThe Golden Day
2016 Illustrator: Freya BlackwoodBanjo and Ruby Red text by Libby Gleeson

Writer: Felicity CastagnaThe Incredible Here and Now

Translator: John NieuwenhuizenNine Open Arms  (author Benny Lindelauf)

2018 Illustrator: Matt OttleyTeacup text by Rebecca Young

Writer: Zana Fraillon – The Bone Sparrow


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