IBBY Australia supports the IBBY ideal that all young people need books they can read and enjoy. In addition to identifying excellent picture books and novels with plots that feature characters ​with​ varied abilities, we believe it is important for children and teens to be able to read on their own whenever possible.

By highlighting accessible books, we increase the opportunities for people of all abilities to read independently. Access is enhanced through a range of formats such as braille, Picture Communication Symbols, sign language, easy-to-read language, tactile or textured illustrations, dyslexia-friendly font and other design features.

Australian titles included in 2021 IBBY Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities

Cummings, Phil (text)
Devries, Shane (ill.)
Gosford, Australia:
Scholastic Press, 2017

Wheeler, Samantha (text)
Everything I’ve Never Said
St Lucia, Australia: University
of Queensland Press,

IBBY Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities

The IBBY Collection located at the Toronto Public Library features a large international selection of books for and about young people with disabilities.

Every two years the call is extended to submit titles for this collection and catalogue.

The books are chosen by the IBBY National Sections such as Australia.

IBBY Australia has submitted titles for over a decade and continues to promote quality titles for inclusion in this international catalogue and collection.

Books considered by the panel for the biennial catalogue include:

  • special formats such as Blissymbolics, PCS, braille, sign language, tactile and textile books
  • fiction books that portray children and teens with disabilities as characters in stories and novels
  •  books for adults with developmental delays, language disabilities or reading difficulties

All titles submitted for the catalogues go into the international collection based in Toronto Canada. Online access to the IBBY Collection is available.


Havel, Geoff (text)

Dropping In

Freemantle, Australia: Freemantle Press 2015


Growth, Darren (text)

Are You Seeing Me?

North Sydney, NSW, Australia: Woolshed Press/Random House, 2014

Muphy, Sally (text)

Evans, Gabriel (ill.)

Roses are Blue

Newtown, NSW Australia: Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd 2014


Prewett, Melanie (text)

Prewett, Maggie (ill.)

Two Mates

Broome, WA: Magabala Books, 2012

Keighery, Chrissie (text)


Richmond, Vic Australia Hardie Grant Egmont 2011

Fensham, Elizabeth (text)

The Invisible Hero

St Lucia, Qld: University of Queensland Press 2011


Reeder, Stephanie Owen (text and ill.)

I’ve Got a Feeling!

Canberra: National Library of Australia 2010

Collins, Paul (text)

Thompson, Jo (ill.)

The Glasshouse

Clifton Hill, Vic Ford Street 2010

Fussell, Sandy (text)

James, Rhian Nest (ill.)

White Crane

Newtown NSW: Walker Books (Samurai kids) 2008

Hilton, Nette (text)

Agostino, Vincent (ill.)

My Silent World

Sydney: Lothian, Hachette Australia, 2009