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Ena Noël Award Guidelines

In 1994, founding president of IBBY Australia, Ena Noël OAM , founded her own biennial prize  – the Ena Noël Award – to encourage young emerging writers and illustrators. The name was chosen, not so that Ena’s name would live on, but so that it was apparent to all concerned that she – someone highly regarded in the field – was trying to assist up-and-coming young Australian authors and illustrators for children. The award is a silver medallion designed by the first winner of the award, the Australian Aboriginal writer/illustrator Arone Raymond Meeks.

The IBBY Australia Encouragement Award for Children’s Literature is presented to a young developing Australian writer or illustrator.   Only books by Australian creators published in the two years prior to the particular closing date can be nominated by the publishers for the Ena Noël award.  The nominated creator must be under the age of 35 at the time the title (or titles) for which they are nominated was published.  Any nominated author or illustrator has to be deemed by the judges to be worthy of encouragement.

The award winners:

  • 2022 Gary Lonesborough for The Boy from the Mish
  • 2020 Jack Heath for 500 Minutes of Danger
  • 2018 Will Kostakis for The Sidekicks
  • 2016 Kate Gordon for Writing Clementine
  • 2014 Melissa Keil for Life in Outer Space
  • 2012 Amy Barker for Omega Park
  • 2010 Lili Wilkinson for Scatterheart
  • 2008 Markus Zusak for The Book Thief
  • 2006 Anthony Eaton for Fireshadow and The girl in the cave
  • 2004 Alyssa Brugman for Walking Naked
  • 2002 Beth Norling for Cherryblossom and the Golden Bear (2000)
  • 2000 Catherine Jinks for Piggy in the Middle (1998)
  • 1998 Tohby Riddle for The Tip at the End of the Street (1996)
  • 1997 Steve Woolman for his body of work
  • 1996 Sonya Hartnett for Wilful Blue (1994)
  • 1994 Arone Raymond Meeks for Enora and the Black Crane (1991)

Ena Noël Award PDF


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