IBBY Australia warmly welcomes you to view the special display of the IBBY Silent Books Collection 2019 when you visit State Library of Queensland from 15 January to 7 March 2021.

The Silent Books project is an initiative started in 2012 by the Italian section of the IBBY International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). The project has had enormous resonance in many countries and the collections have been widely exhibited internationally. The 2019 collection is comprised of 67 books from 16 countries including Belgium, Japan, Argentina, United Arab Emirates and more.

An Insight into Silent Books
A special ZOOM Meeting will be presented by Dr Robin Morrow and Margot Lindgren on Saturday 13th March 11 – 11.30am. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to view several recently published Silent books. Details of the forthcoming IBBY display to be held at Lost in Books, Fairfield (17th March to 24th April) will be shared, and you will learn more about the IBBY Silent books project which began in 2012. Register your interest by email .

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