IBBY Australia Inc and the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature have developed a unique travelling exhibition of books for young readers.

For the first time ever in Australia, a travelling exhibition of international IBBY Honour Books including 191 outstanding books, selected by 70 of the member countries of IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People), as Honour Books for 2018. Each country chooses one for writing, one for illustration, and with an option for an honour book for translation. These books are chosen as ‘representative of the best in children’s literature from each country . . . furthering the IBBY objective of encouraging world understanding through children’s books’. The books provide a comprehensive snapshot of current publishing for children, and reflect the variety and creativity of contemporary children’s literary and illustrative culture.

Alongside these international books is a display of all the Australian IBBY Honour books selected since 1962, when Australia first began to make nominations. In the words of author Ursula Dubosarsky, this collection is ‘not only of literature but also of changing social circumstances, values and preoccupations over the fifty-five years.’ Adults and children will recognise favourites, as well as meeting some lesser-known books for them to explore.

An annotation for each book helps visitors to view it in a context of time and place. This exhibition will expand the minds and hearts of those of any age-group. The exhibition closed in Canberra on 20 October with plans for the exhibition to travel through August 2019.


One thought on “IBBY Honour Books Exhibitions

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this immensely satisfying list! Witnessing all the incredibly gifted people from Australasia is encouraging and inspiring.

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