Don’t forget to join in the reading hour this week!

The Reading Hour will take place on Tuesday 19 August 2014 from 6pm–7pm.


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  1. The link does not work

    What I was going to comment was:

    As a YABBA reading ambassador I’m multi-tasking at Rosebud Secondary College, talking with students, doing a mini launch of Trail Magic;Going Walkabout for 2184 Miles on the Appalachian Trail’ .Year 11 are catering with Trail Magic food and then all the Rosebuddies are going to guarantee to read for Reading Hour that night to an audience they’ve never done before… siblings? dog? parents? neighbour etc.

    Hazel Edwards O.A.M. National Reading Ambassador A.S.A.Board of Directors.

    Latest: Authorpreneurship Trail Magic Antarctic Dognapping

    • Fond memories of Rosebud teachers and students and their contributions to the aate/cbca young adult readers poster for Book Weeks in my time as editor, YA fiction for English in Australia.

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