Birthdays are often packed with nice surprises, and the NSW April 2nd birthday fling was no exception. Former IBBY president Dr John Foster had flown to Sydney for the International Children’s Book Day afternoon to announce with his usual flair and verve that an honorary lifetime IBBY Australia membership was to be bestowed upon one particular conference participant.  That participant, John revealed, had contributed so substantially to illuminating and promoting Australian children’s literature over the years, particularly through his role on the international IBBY awards jury, that it seemed imperative that he be recognised in this way. And so it was to a thunder of applause that Dr Maurice Saxby stepped forward.   Following a short acceptance speech dappled with delightful memories, Dr Saxby was asked to wield a knife right into the official birthday cake.

2 thoughts on “Dr Maurice Saxby, AM – Lifetime IBBY Australia Member

  1. Dr Saxby is also an accomplished literary writer in his own right, as well as editor of literature and language teaching works, and of compilations of folktales and legends. In 1983 he was awarded the Dromkeen Medal, in 1995 an Order of Australia, and in 2002 he won the CBC’s Nan Chauncy Award for his immense contributions to Australian Children’s Literature.

  2. Maurice is a true friend of all who write and illustrate for young people. He is perceptive in his responses when many see only the superficial and his writings are always well considered.
    May there be many more birthdays for him to come as well as for IBBY!

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